I’m Back…

So, I realized (and, have been realizing) that I’ve neglected things on this blog. Like, holy cow, I haven’t posted in almost a month. Had no idea I was that bad. So, I have been busy. Missing the week of work backed me up, and things are getting busy too. Trying to study so I … More I’m Back…

Thank You, WLPC!

OK, before I dive right into the meat of things, I apologize. I wanted to blog every night, but last night I slacked off. I had other writing I needed to tend to, plus the fun of packing up from an enjoyable week. I kind of did blog, as I pre-wrote much of what is … More Thank You, WLPC!

What A Day (1)!

If you’ve never gone to a particular conference, sometimes it is extremely hard to really know what it is you are walking into until you are there. I did not know anyone who had been to #WLPC before-I had done research online, found some blog posts and comments, and even looked back to tweets from … More What A Day (1)!

Phinally Phoenix!

OK, sue me for the intentional mis-spelling. As someone from Philadelphia (originally) and hanging in Phoenix for the week…it works! So, yes, I am finally here. WLPC is finally (almost) here. Tomorrow begins my CWNA boot camp with Blake Krone. I am excited, optimistic and quite honestly, ready to both be a sponge, and have … More Phinally Phoenix!