New Year, New Journey

Wow, hard to believe 2020 is now long gone and 2021 almost has a month in the books.

Or, put another way…yes, I’ve been slacking. However, I have a good excuse (I think, anyways, and since right now I am just talking with myself….)

So, 2020 was a down year for so many reasons, personally and globally. But, literally in the midst of one of the crappiest times in my life, came an opportunity…one that was not expected, but yet here it is, or there it was.

Let me set the table just a bit.

In October of last year, my father in law was very sick. He spent most of that month in the hospital, and I spent most of that month doing whatever I could to help out (a lot of driving to the hospital, among other things). Brought him home with one diagnosis and hope, and a day later that changed and thus began a really crappy couple of weeks. We buried him 2 weeks after we brought him home…amazing how quickly life can change.

Speaking of change…

On the day my father in law passed, literally that afternoon, I got a call from my now-boss, offering me a job.

Timing is everything, as they say.

It was actually a gut punch in a way. When it came to major life decisions, there was someone I’d lean on, and someone my wife would lean on. And he had just passed away.

But, crazy as this may sound, I look for signs all the time. And both I and my father in law were, at times, fans of the Big Dogs clothing line.

As it turns out…my offer of employment would have me running with the Big Dogs…so to speak. It was a sign, I thought…or just a really nice coincidence.

With everything else in front of us, the decision was delayed a bit, for obvious reasons. When I’d made my peace with everything and accepted the offer, the next thing I had was my confirmation sign. My targeted start date was what would have been my late FIL’s birthday.

Didn’t quite work out that way, but the signs were enough!

So…where did I go? Well, after over 7 years at NBCUniversal, I signed on to become a Senior Sales Engineer for Commscope. Specifically, I am working within the Ruckus Network family (hence, running with the Big Dogs).

It’s been a crazy and exciting first month (I am approaching four weeks in already!). For me, it’s lots of new, but that’s a good thing.

New technology, having never touched Ruckus before.

New duties, having never formally been an SE before…but confident that my experience will work in my favor here.

So, hopefully it doesn’t take a month between updates again…and I’d bet some future updates are more dog-themed (and not just our hyper labradoodle).

But…change can be a good thing, and here’s hoping my latest change leads me on another incredible seven year journey (or longer!)


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