It’s #MFD5 Eve!

That’s right boys and girls, it is #MFD5 Eve!! It feels a lot like Geek Christmas to me. I know I am not the first to coin this phrase…I first heard it used to discuss  WLPC, but it applies for this too. We can even call it Geek Christmas in July, because…well…it’s July. So, Mobility … More It’s #MFD5 Eve!


Farewell To 2019

I will say it now, and I will say it again in a few days (give or take). It’s a great thing to have and set goals-especially if you decide to throw it up on social media or, perhaps, a blog. Earlier in 2019, I did just that. So, when getting ready to say goodbye … More Farewell To 2019

Knowing Your Client Devices Is Important

Sometimes, we can hear an important lesson many times, and while it registers…that doesn’t mean we won’t still overlook things. This is one of those stories, and I am sharing it because, well, it’s a good learning experience…and perhaps it will save someone else a bit of time, stress, pain or troubleshooting. Any time we … More Knowing Your Client Devices Is Important