It’s Awards Season!

As we wrap up an insane 2020-a year that we could not have imagined or predicted-why not end it with some positivity?

Here is a super quick, short and sweet post.

As with 2019, I was fortunate and blessed enough to be nominated for a WiFi Award. Once again, and for the las time, I have been nominated for the Rookie of the Year honor.

Now, it’s a bit of a misnomer, in that “rookie” here means someone still relatively new to the WiFi community. By the skin of my teeth, I qualify. One of my peers nominated me, and the Awards committee voted to make me a finalist.

So…if you want to vote, I would greatly appreciate it. And honestly, I ask you to vote…not just to vote for me, but just to vote. If not for me, than for one of the other finalists for any of the awards. It’s a great thing, I am thrilled to be a part of it, and I love to see it grow…so please vote!

Speaking of voting, it’s also time for the Cisco IT Blog Awards! Yes, I was nominated for this last year too…but this time, it’s totally different. Last year, this humble blog got nominated. Not so for 2020.

Nope, for 2020, The Spatial Streams Podcast was nominated. I, along with my fellow host Landon Foster (also a Rookie of the Year nominee), were nominated and honored as finalists. We are among some big names in the IT/Networking podcast field, so it’s a huge honor for us to just be considered and included among such names.

And again, as with the WiFi Awards, while I would love for you to just vote for me…I’d be very happy with you just voting.


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