Better late than never…

So, I have been silent for a while. My bad…life gets in the way sometimes.

I don’t have a lot to share (yet), but felt guilty I was neglecting the blog and my handful of readers, so I figured an early 2020 update was worth some time. Maybe I will even throw in some New Years goals for this year too, just to keep myself honest.

So, life has been busy. The holidays happened, and our triplets are preparing to go into high school-January and February in NYC is all about acceptance letters and decision time. Also, holy !@#$ I am about to have three kids in HS (and 3 HS tuitions to prove it…).

Work has been steadily picking up steam. I’ve been wrapping up some things from 2019 projects and starting to ramp up for some 2020 fun. Can’t talk about most of it yet, or at all, but then, if you’ve followed me here, I try to keep my direct work experiences/employer info out of here.

As a personal project, even though I don’t get to work from home much anymore, I have decided to invest in some desk upgrades/modifications. Hoping to put things into place this weekend, if I am lucky. I am only home this weekend because my WLPC trip fell through…so I shall make the best of it.

What upgrades? Well, I have had my eye on a 2 shelf monitor stand for a while, so I finally pulled the trigger. Idea is maybe use the shelf to be the new home for future lab gear (ie, a small switch/controller). I also decided to invest in low budget LED lighting for behind my monitors. Folks say bias lighting is a great thing, so for like 16 bucks, we shall see what the chatter is all about.

I also needed a new plug for my Lenovo laptop, but found a dock, with plug, for less than the plug. So we are putting a dock in the office desk, so I can use either my home or work machines at the desk with some ease now (in theory).

If things work out, I should also be pulling some new Cat6 in the house soon enough. Just want to run a couple new runs for an AP or two, and moving some LAN gear out of a really bad area of the house to a more accessible and logical spot. Also means I will be able to have a fully separate home network and lab network, so no more concerns about lab work breaking the family devices.

I am working on a couple bigger things, not related to work…but those are still under wraps for now. I am excited for both, and I hope you will be too. Both of them play into one of my 2020 goals, which means that is as good a segue as any…

2020 Goals

  • Get out of my comfort zone more. This could mean more wired networking. This might mean finally pushing myself into Python. Perhaps I will conquer my fears of public speaking. Maybe all of the above.
  • Some new certifications. I think this year will not be nearly as cert-productive for me as 2019 was, but that year is and probably will remain a personal record. That said, I have begun to eye the CCNP program…and CWSA has my name on it. Perhaps I should tackle something completely different too? Maybe Security +?
  • Continuing to be a healthy WiFi guy! This one (I think) should be easy. My weight loss journey that started in 2018 really came on strong in 2019…but I am not done yet! In the fall of 2019, I met my first goal, so I set another. Honestly, the new goal was to be as close to 170 as possibly by WLPC. I should end up right around 182 by the time I’d have checked in on Saturday. From there, 170 is in my sights…but maybe I should go for the even 50% weight loss? (which, for anyone who was crazy enough to keep track, means I’d need to get down to around 162).
  • Find ways to give back to the community. I’ve gotten a lot out of it from so many, I feel compelled to return the favor.

I think, even for a delayed 2020 list of goals, that’s pretty decent? For now, my treadmill is calling my name. And I assure you, it won’t be months between now and the next post!

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