How I’ve Been Keeping Busy

I will admit, I really wanted to be that dork, using a title like “Life in the time of coronavirus”. But, I resisted…and used it as my opening line instead. Go figure!

In any case, these have been, and are, some very interesting times we are living in. I am fortunate enough to work in an industry, and for an employer, where I am able to do my job 100% remote as required. Doesn’t mean I did before TSHTF, but I am now. So, that’s a good thing.

Life is, of course, very different. My kids have been home from school since early March. I started being a full-time, temporary WFH guy on March 12, with my kids being home full time since the end of March 13th (they had a half day of school and have not been back since.).

New York, both city and state, are enduring an extended (and continually extended) pause mandate. As of the end of last week, that means we are sheltering in place until at least May 15. If I were betting, it will get extended again a time or two before it’s all over.

My oldest kids will likely see their 8th grade graduations not happen as planned. My daughter has likely lost her dance recital, and we won’t be seeing her dance in Disney this July. Heck, we probably won’t be in Disney this July…or on vacation at all, other than safely in our back yard. Crazy times indeed.

So, how have I been staying busy and focused? Without the fun of a NY/NJ morning and evening commute, it’s been pleasant. I traded my morning commute for a morning run, which I enjoy. I’ve spent more time studying, I’ve done some much needed clean up on old projects as well. Last week I was fortunate enough to sit for a CCNP ENCOR boot camp! Now that Cisco is allowing testing at home, that may not be too far off in my future. Not that close, but it’s on the agenda.

I think I’ve cleaned and re-organized my home office a few times, and I am in the midst of another round. My biggest project is about to be unleashed, however. After years of thinking it, I have finally gotten motivated. I am going to re-run cables to all three floors of the house, and completely retire/shut down the non-essential ISP hardware. I’ve got a SOHO switch and some nice wireless infrastructure lined up to go in, too. I’ll admit, part of the fire under my butt was the kids being home doing their school work more. They end up using a section of the house we never really worried about WiFi in, and we knew it wasn’t good…and now that they need it, I have the motivation and need to address it.

Also means I finally got the thumbs up from the boss to make myself an MDF! Everything had been MacGuyver’d and it worked well enough, but now I get to re-run cables and do it right. So that will be fun:)

Outside of that and the CCNP side of things, going to be spending time cleaning out old things-cables, hard drives, video tapes, you name it. Cleaning up and cleaning out is a good thing, because it lets me make room for new toys. I’ve got my eye on a few…wouldn’t mind a new Raspberry Pi 4 (Pi Hole, anyone?), or a WLAN Pi too. So, for as long as we are sheltering in place, I will be aiming to learn and expand my horizons.

Hope you are all keeping safe and busy!

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