One phase completed, another begins

So, I realize I’ve been really bad for a few months relative to keeping this updated. This is going to be one part mea culpa, one part warning. 🙂

The mea culpa? Yep, that’s me apologizing for neglecting this since May. Sure, I had good reasons. Kids finishing school, summer vacations and all that. Totally legit reasons, but I will do better..I think.

The warning? Well, on the 5th of September, after sending our kids back to school, I sat for my final P level certification, the CWSP. I studied hard, and this one was the one out of all the exams that I was looking forward to. Security is interesting to me, so I think that helped keep me focused. I mean, it had to, considering I wound up doing some studying while in Disney and at the beach.

So, long story short…I passed with flying colors. Which is where the warning comes into play, but more on that in a few…

I have to thank a bunch of folks, who either directly or indirectly helped me out on this one. On the resource side of things, outside of the two books, I regularly perused Rasika’s (MRNCCIEW) blog posts, as well as George Stefanick’s (My80211). If you are studying for the SP, check those two out. Also, check out George’s flash cards on Cram, if you like those too.

Otherwise, I got by with a little help from a few friends. Chris Avants has helped me tremendously throughout a lot of my journey. Tauni Odia has been a great sounding board and has managed to help keep me sane (or at least as close to it as I can ever possibly be. Sam Clements was instrumental as well, challenging me to not delay the test any further. Turns out that was sage advice.

Outside of those folks, I’ve had plenty of assistance or positive feedback from tons of folks in the community-and here’s the lesson for the newbies. Do not be afraid to engage anyone in the WiFi community. You will be constantly amazed at who is willing to help and to what extent. I could name a bunch more who have encouraged, either in person or via Slack or Twitter, but then this post would become even longer, and even fewer would want to read it!

So, that brings me to the warning…

With three professional certs in the bag, to go along with the other certification requirements, I have some writing to do in order to put myself in position to submit for my CWNE. I won’t subject y’all to the essays…but since this is a semi-active blog, and I need to have some regular and 802.11 relevant postings…I should have some new posts coming more frequently, and they won’t purely be my random musings.

So yes…one phase has been completed (the testing). Another one is now beginning (all the other bits of the application). But then, it truly is about the journey, not the destination…and the fun seems to just be getting started.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get me to this point…and thanks in advance for everyone who will hopefully help me achieve one goal that just a few years ago seemed so far out there.

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