My 2019 Goals

Just as I put out a year in review, I figured, in spite of being five days into 2019, it would be good to put some goals on paper for this year as well. By doing that, plus putting it out there for my few readers, it makes me stay honest. Seems like a good … More My 2019 Goals

CWDP In The Bag

So, I know it wasn’t all that long ago where I decided to put my motivation out there. I figured if I committed to something online, via this blog, I’d have to do my best to get it done, right? Kinda sorta…. I said it was CWDP or bust, and I was aiming for it … More CWDP In The Bag

CWDP or bust

I know there are some in the wireless community who are lucky or talented or ridiculously driven, and they are able to knock out a cert in what seems like no time at all. that is not me. i started studying (reading really) for my CWNA last January, just ahead of my WLPC bootcamp with … More CWDP or bust