It’s #MFD5 Eve!

That’s right boys and girls, it is #MFD5 Eve!!

It feels a lot like Geek Christmas to me. I know I am not the first to coin this phrase…I first heard it used to discuss  WLPC, but it applies for this too. We can even call it Geek Christmas in July, because…well…it’s July.

So, Mobility Field Day 5 starts July 29 (tomorrow, based on when I am writing this). We have three days of fun, filled with a lot of good content, and I get to be surrounded by some of our incredibly smart peers.

Of course, it’s a wee bit different, if you’ve paid attention to past Field Days. Typically, the events are out in Silicon Valley. Like, I’d probably be in the air instead of writing this at the time I am…but, you know, there’s that whole global pandemic that is changing how we do things.

Which means we’ve got three days of Zoom sessions with a number of great WiFi companies.

Here’s our lineup, so you can see why I’d be excited:

Wednesday: Mist and Celona

Thursday: NetAlly, Fortinet and Nyansa (VMWare)

Friday: Cisco and Ventev

Christmas came early for those of us selected as delegates, as many of the presenters sent us some wonderful swag (thank you to Mist, NetAlly, Nyansa, and Celona, plus Tech Field Day..and I hope I didn’t overlook anyone).

So…yes, I am excited. There’s a ton to be excited about. In years past, we’ve had some great reveals from companies like Mist and NetAlly, so no pressure for this one.

So, if you are interested in following along, it will be all over the internet starting Wednesday at 11am EST, 8am PT. The Twitter hashtag is #MFD5, and it will be on the Tech Field Day site and other avenues.Check here for more info.

So, follow along! If you have questions to ask the presenters, use Twitter, tag it with the hashtag, use any of the delegate Twitter handles to get our attention, and enjoy!



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