Some Old, Some New…Even A Podcast?!

Amazingly, with seemingly more free time, I’ve slacked off and not posted in over a month. Life has managed to keep us busy in our own ways. Work is still happening, and on top of that I do have a few new clients who are very demanding (that would be my learning-from-home children, for the record). So, it’s been an interesting stretch, but there’s always time to try some new things…and maybe something a bit old.

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking to, or planning to, re-do my home network. That project is still underway, but it’s a lot closer to done now. The old thing I did? That was dusting off my cabling tools so that I could pull and terminate some cable runs. My in-laws house (we live in a multi-family house, shared with my in-laws) has had the usual home “network” of the ISP gear for a while now. Back before I really knew WiFi, I upgraded from the ISP hardware to Netgear. That is getting a bit long in the tooth now (it was, I believe very early AC wave 1). I’ve since replaced it with a Cisco 2504, and things are about to get even more updated.

I mentioned I’ve got a SOHO switch going in. Part of this is because I want to work on something regularly that helps me keep my CCNP studies fresh and relevant. Part is because the 2504 only supports 2 PoE ports, which means I could directly connect 2 APs and then I would need injectors or some other work around. Go big or go home, right?

Admittedly, life during the pandemic has slowed some things a bit. It’s no longer so easy or quick to run out to a home improvement store for one thing or another. We did make a run a few weeks back, which allowed me to get started on how my MDF will be coming together. I should have taken some before pictures, with my old Verizon hardware on the wall. I didn’t, but the memory will scar me forever.

What I am doing is putting up a shelf system in a small space. It’s a funky area, so my options are limited, but doing 2 shelves should give me the space to mount the remaining service provider gear, plus my switch and controller. For now, switch and controller are Cisco, though I’ve been eyeing Ubiquiti for a few reasons (security, cameras, simplicity). Not ready to make that jump just yet…if I ever get a spare few hundred, who knows?

I did manage to find some Pi Zero WH in stock (and kinda local, shop was in Delaware). Going to set up a Pi Hole with my kids, and then maybe a Pwnagotchi or two. Learning, teaching and having fun!

Also, with summer basically here, I’ve been asked by the family to improve the WiFi outside. So, after some chats with a friend or two…there’s a decent chance there’s a mesh AP about to be sitting in a weatherproof enclosure by my pool area. Mesh was something I’d never played with, but thus far, it’s been pretty fun and painless. Found a great video online from Jerome Henry to use as a guide, too!

And, I do have another good excuse for why I’ve been less chatty. Pretty sure I neglected to mention it sooner (or if I did…it’s Hell getting older), but Landon Foster and I started a new WiFi centric podcast a couple months back. We just published our tenth episode of The Spatial Streams podcast, which is available on most, if not all, major podcast platforms. If you are actually missing what I have to say, check us out there for a weekly (or close to it) show about WiFi and whatever else we feel like.

spatial streams podcast new logo

Stay safe, wash your hands and stay sane!


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