Please Take Some Time To Vote…

No, it’s not a political post. I promise, unless there’s something WiFi relevant, I won’t ever do a political post here.

That said, this IS a post asking you to consider voting…for the finalists of the first-ever WiFi Awards.

If you’ve been paying attention to them on Twitter this week, they’ve been announcing the finalists for all of the categories-from WiFi Leadership, product of the year and innovation, to the individual awards for Rookie of the Year and Contributor of the Year.

In fairness, the last one gets announced on the 15th, and this post should be hitting my feed on the 14th. And, there is a selfish reason for that…

This afternoon, the five finalists for Rookie of the Year were announced, and I am beyond excited to say that I was not only among those nominated, but that I made the cut and am one of the five finalists for this award.

Voting opens this weekend, and runs for a month, closing basically at the time when WLPC 2020 Phoenix registration opens in mid-December.

I am honored to be nominated alongside some really excellent WiFi folks. I’ve conversed with some of them on social media. I actually met Lariana in Phoenix earlier this year, as we both took Peter McKenzie’s excellent CWAP course. While I do hope if you happen to read this blog, that you might choose to vote for me, in the grand scheme of things, any of these nominees is quite worthy. The most important thing for me is that the community votes for the nominees, and supports this new program.

I look forward to seeing how the voting turns out, with the winners all to be announced at the 2020 WLPC conference (though there is no actual affiliation).

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