A Peek At The New CWNE Application Process

Recently, I completed my CWSP. With that test in the bag, my required four CWNP exams to satisfy the CWNE requirements were taken care of. I took a couple days to get back to a normal routine, but before long, I was working to prepare my application.

For those of you who’ve done it, you know the old method-craft an e-mail that contains three professional essays between 500-1000 words. A copy of your resume. Three endorsement forms. Proof of the other required certifications, and something satisfying the requirement for publication (regularly updated blog with relevant content; a white paper; a podcast, etc).

When I started to apply a couple weeks ago, that’s exactly what I did. Oh, sure, we had heard as far back as early this year, that a new CWNE application process was coming…but we hadn’t seen it yet.

Then CWNP’s annual WiFi Trek happened last week, and the application process changed significantly.

As of September 23rd, e-mailing your entire application had been deprecated. So I, like a few others, promptly accelerated what they’d been doing in order to get things in without needing to re-do anything. For reasons outside of my control, and with some logical direction, I ended up not submitting the old way. I did have a couple endorsements via the old form, but submitting them to CWNP was OK-Lex converted them to the newer forms, and things went fine. So, here’s what to expect (and I apologize I didn’t think to screen shot more….it was late Sunday night!).

You need your three endorsements first.

This is a bit of a change right out of the gate. when you go to CWNE.com/apply, you have to enter your CWNP number. Once you do, it will tell you how many endorsements you have. You will not be able to fill out your application without having first received your endorsements. Previously, you could submit your application, but things wouldn’t get moving till all endorsements were in. I can see how that could have been an issue.

You need your documents as PDFs.

Probably something we should do when submitting things for consumption, not editing, but CWNP wants your documents in PDF form. That means the three essays, your resume, basically any document that you have to add. It’s worth pointing out here that the documentation and other requirements have not changed from old application to new. It’s just how things get submitted that has changed.

You will need your certification validation numbers

I am a Cisco guy, so for my Cisco certs, CWNP wanted certificate validation numbers. Not sure if that’s the same nomenclature as Aruba and other vendors, but I assume they have something similar. If you have your paper certificate, the CVN is in the lower left corner and is 16 digits long. If you don’t have one, you can request new paper or electronic copies through Cisco/Pearson, though there is a small fee for this.

The CWNE application page offers a link to validate that your CVN is correct, so you can avoid any issues with the application having a wrong CVN.

I found the other certificate line a bit limited.

There are lines for ISC, CompTIA and Cisco certs. Then there’s a line for “other”, where if I recall it’s one box for name and one box for number. If someone is using, say, ECSE-Design and their amateur radio license as other certs, they probably should have an option for lines. I’ve already provided feedback on that one.

Sections for other links and such

In another section of the application, you can provide relevant links-things like your Twitter account, LinkedIn page and blog. The social media links are not required. Nor is the blog, assuming you’ve satisfied the publishing requirement some other way. For me, I leveraged my blogging so I added my link in the appropriate section. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to deal with.

Based on what I have heard and read about previous applications, the biggest issue was that people submitted, but didn’t know the status of their application. Or that they didn’t even know for sure that their application was received and getting reviewed. There have also been comments about long gaps from the time people submitted an application until they’ve heard whether they’ve been accepted or rejected.

The new process appears to fix at least some of this right off the bat.

When I submitted my application, right around 12am Sunday morning (no, I wasn’t trying to be first…just happened that the site was live and Lex got my endorsements in), this is what I got to see:

cwne qeued

Now, of course, I don’t know if the other 2 in queue came in via the new or old method…or if this new tracking can even account for those applications e-mailed. But, right away, I know mine is in queue with 2 other applications. Good stuff.

Down side is, I like to check. So I checked Monday AM too, and the status had changed:

cwne active

Well, that’s certainly progress!

Now, what I don’t know is how many different statuses there are. Like, is it just Queued/Active/Accept-or-Reject? Don’t know, but perhaps someone from CWNP would expand on that. Either way, taking that update at face value, not counting the old e-mails? I’d say that’s an improvement as compared to what I’d heard before.

Now…the waiting truly becomes the hardest part.

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