Goals are good

Actually, goals can be great.

I am someone who, I will freely admit, would spend time thinking to myself “if I just do this, every day, by next year I could be at this point”. That could relate to learning, fitness, anything really. It’s very easy to talk about it. It’s a whole lot different to be determined to actually do it.

Last year (August, specifically), I made one life change. I was tired of hearing about my weight-from even some close to me. I had great motivations too-four awesome kids I want to stick around for, and who need daddy to fit on the rides down in Florida. Back then, my goal was honestly to lose 124 pounds by the end of 2019. I personally didn’t set a deadline. I let the app help me with that (I use the free version of LoseIt on my iPhone, FWIW). Based on what I filled out, it looked feasible by late Summer 2019.

Progress has been mostly excellent. As I started shedding pounds and the calendar was winding down toward the end of 2018, I was texting with a friend in the wifi community. I declared at that point that I would love to be at WLPC, and to arrive in Phoenix at under 260. Full disclosure, that would have been a net of 64 pounds off. Seemed lofty at the time, more so because I had no idea if I’d get corporate approval for the trip.

Things kept moving, still no approval, but I had a good October and November. So I adjusted my goal-250 and WLPC.

I got approval in December, so I am indeed booked. I have just under 2 weeks until I arrive, since I will be participating in the CWAP bootcamp. And, barring a major setback, I may beat my goal by 10 pounds. Either way. I’ve made the goal. Making a goal feels great.

And then, today allowed me to start ticking off another goal I set (on this very blog, right around the beginning of 2019). I passed my CCENT this morning, which is the first half of the full-blown CCNA, which was a big goal on my 2019 list. There’s something to be said for seeing a goal achieved so early in the year-something I haven’t always done.

Yes, I tooted my own horn…but I really tossed this out there for other, better reasons. 1-it’s great to set goals. You don’t have to put them out on a blog, or even on Twitter. I mostly initially did it one on one with a friend. But it keeps you working on it, and that’s good motivation (at least it has been for me). That, and it’s better to hit the ground running and keep up on your goals. Old me would have moved the exam several times before finally taking it. Yes, I moved this too, but I only moved from Friday till today to give me a few extra days.

Now, it’s on to CWAP. Or full blown CCNA.

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